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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


Our Mantra

We are WellnessFirst creators. 

Rooted in tradition, we pull from the past to create meaningful and modern products for a better future. 

Our Mantra is Creating Moments of Magic

Our cannabis creations are premium, unique and innovatively designed to elevate and evoke moments of magic within your daily life. 

We are proudly Canadian, yet intentionally inspired by traditional eastern culture and ancient cannabis practices from around the world. 

We are female founded and have a soft and purposeful sensibility. Moreover, we are dedicated to creating a cannabis experience that melds together old and new. 

Ancient wisdom with modern taste. Traditional intentions with contemporary techniques.   


We will be health-centered.

We will give back. 

We will always innovate and push forward with resilience, magic and grounded beauty.


We believe in supporting women. 

Creating a world where they can revive, uplift and reinvent themselves.

YWCA Edmonton is a reputable voice for women. They forge the path in support, resources and advocacy for youth, women and families and strive to build a world of equal opportunity for all. The YWCA relies on support from its surrounding community to remain integral to their mission. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to be an official donor for the YWCA Edmonton.

Their vision of equal opportunity through education is something that speaks to us as a female driven business.  

We are committed to donate a percentage of our revenue to the YWCA with the intention to support programs and services offered for women and young females.  

With this commitment, we hope to see an increase in leadership, opportunity, and empowerment amongst young females in our community.

Mantra Cannabis will always hold space for the YWCA,

and we’re so excited to be a part of their positive change!